Tuesday, May 31, 2011

ONE. Nutella Fillings and Topping Cupcakes.

For a nice first entry, I shall introduce myself. :)

I'm just a girl who love any form of Art especially, visual art and therefore, I paint out my ideas and feelings on a piece of canvas.

Still, nothing can stop a girl like me to worship food! My love for food is endless and it is beyond imagination! Weird as it is, I'm skinny and I need some fats! Desserts are my favorites and it is a must for any event!

Anyway, let's continue with the main purpose of the entry!

So here it is, Nutella Fillings and Topping Cupcakes!

It is my first time baking this and of course, don't expect a high standard piece of art from this! Pardon me. In the end, I didn't give up and I made it through!

Don't worry, people. The recipe is right at the bottom of the entry! So do click and try it out! Do make sure you have enough Nutella and butter! The buttermilk is essential because it makes the cupcake moist, just the way we like it!

So here it is, sifting of the main ingredients.

Filling the batter 2/3 of the cup! Not too much and not too little. The amount that I put in is just nice and the cupcakes turn out great!

And just a little something, do try to put in some mini chocolate chips or mini marshmallows for a little bit of goodies in the cupcakes!

This is how my cupcakes turn out to be! Oh, just lovely! I was so happy with how it looks and the smell of it was awesome! I made my brother try one and he loved it!

Here my buttercream. Just a tip, try not to put in too much butter OR heavy cream as it makes the buttercream too wet. And, too wet means piping it out from the icing pipe would be a disaster!

My favorite part! The nutella fillings! Doing this was easy and trust me, the taste of your cupcakes will be so heavenly!

So, this is where my icing went wrong. It's not the buttercream but it's the pipe for the icing. Apparently, my pipe is too small and it's more for the decorative pipe instead of icing! So, it means that I have to spend more money for a new pipe!

And since the piping went wrong, I simply took a butter knife and smoothed it out just as shown in the picture. Simple and fast!

TA-DA! I was happy with the result of the icing!

After all those mess, here is my final presentation of the cupcakes!

As you can see, I bought my own little decorations to make the cupcakes look prettier and more irresistible!

Conclusion is, not to give up and of course, improvise!

It's just a first try and perfection is not what you should look for! We all can practice baking together and who knows, one day, one of you will have your own bakery!

And do tell me about it! :)

#recipe_Nutella: (http://blogs.babble.com/family-kitchen/2011/05/06/nutella-cupcakes-with-nutella-buttercream/)

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