Thursday, June 23, 2011

NINE. 5 awesome minute of baking!

Was just browsing through the internet like any other people would do when they are bored. I found this recipe by chance!

As I mentioned that I was feeling bored and not to forget hungry for some snacks, I decided to try this recipe.

As mentioned in the recipe, the cake is to be bake in a cup but in my case, I have the phobia to put a glass in the microwave, so I used a Tupperware instead. So I whipped up all the ingredients mentioned, patiently waited for 2.5 minutes, TADA!

It is absolutely delicious! My siblings loved it and even asked for more.

I must say that this recipe is convenient and fast to make when you're feeling hungry AND lazy.

Do try it with vanilla ice-cream and hell lots of whipped cream! It will definitely be more delicious!

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